Sleepy Hollow Fire

It's been a rough couple of days for Wenatchee.

On Sunday, June 28th a massive fire near my hometown of Wenatchee broke out destroying 28 homes and burning thousands of acres. I saw the destruction Tuesday morning and there's no words to describe the loss. These families have lost everything and I can't imagine what they are going through. My thoughts are with these families

However, a part of me thinks that this could've been prevented. Three years ago I made a 15 minute documentary discussing the budget cuts to the Wenatchee Fire Department. When I made the film I learned that the gear that fire department is using is outdated. I also learned the trucks that they are driving are some of the oldest trucks used by any fire department in the state of Washington.

Unfortunately, the things that my film discussed came true. I was hoping that these things would never happen. The only thing that I can hope for now is that my film will be used to remind people of the value of essential services like the fire department. 

Richard LutzComment