LA Bound

Life boils down to a series of choices. Before long, the choices you make and the ones you don’t become you. Bold choices take you where you’re suppose to be.

Let’s make it official. I’m moving to Los Angeles.

Over the last year and a half I’ve been living in Seattle. During that time it has felt like I’ve been searching high and low for opportunities where I can use my editorial, post-production and design skills to make content on behalf of brands.

Unfortunately, I have not found the opportunities that I hoped I would.

A few weeks ago I spent four days in Los Angeles and talked with people at different commercial post houses and ad agencies. What blew me away was the sheer volume of opportunity that exists down there compared to Seattle. It seems like on every street there is people making work that matters to them.

This is completely different from Seattle. I’ve always viewed Seattle as a creative city, but LA exists on a completely different level.

Honestly, I would rather stay in Seattle. I truly love the city, including when it rains. However, there is nothing stopping me from returning to Seattle in a few years when I have some experience under my belt.

Ultimately, I don’t believe I’m anywhere near the success that I hope to achieve in my life. I believe that I can accomplish a lot more that what I’m currently doing. I believe that moving to LA will put me in a position where I’m surrounded by other motivated, hungry and creative individuals like myself. I see it as a chance to collaborate with people on a more regular basis and create work that means everything to me. I believe it’s a chance to create work that will help take my career to that next level.

There are no promises in life. I don’t know if this is going to work out. However, if I don’t try this I’m going to ultimately end up regretting not trying later on in life. If I find myself in Seattle in a few years I will be able to take comfort in know that I tried. I plan on making sure that it doesn’t come to this.

Let the adventure begin.

(Note: This date might slide change a little. There will be more news soon.)