Follow Friday: Eliot Rausch

The night before I moved to Los Angeles in 2010 I was up a little late surfing the Internet. I should've have been getting ready for bed and preparing for the big day ahead but my mind was restless and I couldn't sleep. 

When I was surfing the web I happened to stumble upon a short film called 'Last Minutes with Oden'. In this six-minute short film a man is faced with the reality that he has to put is dog and his best friend down.

I will be honest, I cried while watching this film. In this short film Eliot captures the pain that this man is dealing with as he puts his dog to sleep. 

This is an incredibly hard film to watch, but it also  demonstrates the power that editorial has to shape a film and our emotions. I hope to one day create a piece of content or film like this.