TECH TUESDAY: 2018 Adobe Premiere Updates

I have been a long time Adobe user. I absolutely love their products because they give me the ability to bring ideas to life and create work that connects with people. Adobe has recently announced the latest update to Premiere and there is a lot of features that I saw that I am excited about.

One of the big ones that stood out for me is the ability to have multiple projects open at the same time. In previous versions of Premiere you could only have one project open at a time. I am extremely excited about this update because it allows me to have multiple projects open at the same time and keep working instead of having to stop working on a project to focus on something else. It also reminds me of using Final Cut Pro 7 back in the day. When I was working on FCP it had the same capabilities. It is nice to finally see this within Adobe Premiere. 

The other major update that I am extremely excited about is the update is the new collaboration tools within Adobe Premiere. In large postproduction facilities it is necessary to have a lot of people working on a project at any given time. In prior versions of Premiere it was hard for Assistants and Editors to be sharing work and updates on projects. In many circumstances postproduction facilities were using Avid because of the ability to have multiple people working on a project. I am extremely excited about this update, because it shows that Adobe is listening to the concerns of postproduction professions. It seems like they are trying to create a product that will solve problems for many editors and postproduction professionals. 

In conclusion, from what I've seen Adobe is doing a great job of creating tools that address both the individual and professional markets. I am extremely excited to see where they take things, but I am more excited to see what people do with these products.