The Market

Before I started shooting motion I was shooting stills. I love the ability to create an image that moved people in new and unexpected ways. Somewhere along the way, I discovered video and the power that it had to engage with people. However, the amount of work to bring a film to life can be overwhelming. I have spent countless hours sitting in front of my computer trying to edit different films. At many times I have also found myself burnt out and exhausted. As an artist, I know that I have tortured myself to bring work to life. This is not healthy.

In a recent episode of Chase Jarvis Live, Todd Henry talked about the idea that we need to have secret projects that we are only doing for ourselves. The significance of these projects is that it gives us a creative outlet that is not associated with a paycheck. These projects give us space and freedom to explore, try new things and find inspiration. When we start doing things for money, we no longer have control. A good portion of the power is given to the client and it can become tough to balance artistic values while keeping them happy. Making things for yourself removes all of this.

Recently I have begun the shoot stills again. I have really enjoyed using it as an exercise to continue to train my eye and explore my own creativity in the process. I don't know if I will ever be a 'professional photographer', but I am enjoying the act of picking up my camera trying to make an image that speaks to me first. 

Here are a few images I got last few weeks. I hope you like them.