Happy New Year!

Great perspective on how we can approach the new year. 2017 CAN be great, but it's all a matter of perspective and how we approach it. It starts with you. Get after it.

San Diego 2016

Here are a few photos I took while visiting San Diego in December of 2016.

LA Snow Day

Growing up in Washington state I was lucky enough to experience all four seasons. Living in Los Angeles the seasons aren't as visible. I have often wondered what it would be like if it snowed in Los Angeles like it did in my hometown of Wenatchee, WA.

This is a video that has been in my head for over a year. However, I was concerned that I might not be capable of pulling this off like I imagined. For a year I dreamed of making this video but was crippled by my fear of making something that wasn't very believable.

At some point I made the decision to make it anyway. I would rather try something than do nothing at all. What is interesting is that I found this to be a liberating experience. Making this video has given the the ability to focus on other projects.

I hope you enjoy it and it brightens the holidays. Merry Christmas.

TECH TUESDAY: My new MacBook Pro

On today's episode of Tech Tuesday I talk about my new computer.

2015 MacBook Pros with Apple Care. 
Beats Solo 2. 
Total spent: $8.70

Sometimes having a 🍋 is worth it.

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Santa Monica Beach

Beach weather in November never gets old. It's currently 53 degrees where I'm from in Washington state. I think I'll pass... 

Follow Friday: VaynerMedia and the Chicago Cubs

In the latest installment of Follow Friday I talk about the Chicago Cubs, Budweiser, and VaynerMedia. Watch the Budweiser Commercial here.

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Great advice

I've been in LA over a year now and I've learned a thing or two while working in the business. Working in Hollywood it is easy to find yourself working on somebody else's project, especially when starting out. For many of us we didn't move to LA to work as a runner or production assistant. We have much bigger things that we want to accomplish.

I recently found this video where Jason Horton talks with Film Courage about how it is our responsibility to make things happen for ourselves. The world does not owe us anything.

Zero. Nada. Zilch. 

Ultimately, it is on us to make things happen. We are the masters of our own success. The sooner we own this the sooner we can find where we are suppose to contribute in this world.