The goal of the event is to help people learn how they can better use their cameras. Today, more pictures are taken every two minutes than were taken throughout the 1800s. It is also estimated that over 10 percent of all photos taken were done so in the last 12 months. With this we have unfortunately seen many people buy fancy cameras from Costco only to be overwhelmed by them and revert back to using the cameras that are built into their phones. This is unfortunate.

At the end of the day, photography is about capturing moments that we would otherwise forget. It gives us a chance to remember the things and the important milestones in our lives that may not seem significant in the moment. They are also fantastic tools to help us share our stories with our children and grandchildren and show them that at one point in our lives we were ‘cool’.

The goal of the workshop is to help people better understand how to use their cameras to take amazing photos. I want to help them get a better understanding of how to use their cameras so they can worry less on the technology and think more about how to capture that moment that may never happen again. I want the workshop to consist of various lessons and exercises to help people understand how they can start making amazing photos.

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