Micro Show 01: 2018 Adobe Premiere Updates!

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Today we are doing something a little different. This is not an interview where I connect with different creatives and learn about their creative journey. Instead I discuss my thoughts on the latest version of Adobe Premiere and what it means for filmmakers, editors and creatives.

I have been a long time Adobe user. I absolutely love how their products have given creatives the ability to create work that matters. In this episode I break down some of the new features coming to Adobe Premiere and why I think they are significant.  

Render Time 15: Brady Bonser

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Render Time is back after a brief hiatus. On this episode of Render Time I connected with Mighty Media Producer, Bardy Bonser. Brady got his big break working on the Ellen show. However, after spending a few years in LA he returned to Seattle where he is now working on projects for Microsoft and Xbox. In our conversation we talk about the things that people can be doing to grow their careers. We also talked about the distractions that exist in LA and what filmmakers and creatives can do to remain focused on their craft.

Render Time 14: Ryan Dowling

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On this episode of Render Time I connected with VML Senior Art Director, Ryan Dowling. Ryan and I met back in 2013 when we were both attending the VCU Brandcenter. After graduating from the Brandcenter Ryan was an Art Director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky where he created work for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Hotels.com, Aspen Dental and others.

It was also great to hear Ryan's perspective on the work that he has been involved with and how technology will continue to influence things. I also really enjoyed hearing his opinions on where commercial production is headed and how it is impacting agencies like VML. 

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Render Time 08: Reid Murphy

In the latest episode of Render Time I talk with Reid Murphy. Reid made his way into the camera department after working as a production coordinator. He is now works with Movi systems on feature films and commercials. In this episode he goes into detail on how he made the pivot from being a coordinator and how worked towards becoming a camera operator. 

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Render Time 07: Mark Giles

In the latest episode of Render Time I talk with my good friend Mark Giles about Virtual Reality and the impacts that it could possibly have on storytelling. We also discuss the huge opportunity that it could have for filmmakers willing to experiment with the technology.

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Render Time 06: Bryan Cook

In this episode of Render Time I talk with Bryan Cook. Bryan is the Executive Content Producer at Team One advertising in Los Angeles. We discuss his new book The Art of Short Form Content and what motivated him to write it. We also discuss the changes that he has seen in the number of outlets that advertisers have in today's world and what a young creative can do to launch their career. 

Render Time 05: Laura Holeman

In the latest episode of Render Time I talk with Laura Holeman about the art and science of color grading. We discuss the growth of digital intermediates and the impact that it has had on post-production and visual effects. In this episode she also gives advice on how people can make the move to Los Angeles and what they can be doing to find work. 

Render Time 04: Oly Mingo

In the latest episode of Render Time we talk with North 40 Creative Director Oly Mingo about their latest film, Lifted. In this podcast we talk about the challenges that they faced with a limited crew and how they dealt with their postproduction workflow. 

Render Time 03: Scott Witthaus

In episode 03 of Render Time we talk with Scott Witthaus. Scott is a professor at the VCU Brandcenter and an editor at 1708 Editorial in Richmond, VA. In this episode we talk about the latest updates from Apple, Adobe and Microsoft and what it means for editors and post-production professionals.

Render Time 02: Griffin Hammond

In episode 02 of Render Time we talk with Griffin Hammond of Bloomberg News. In our discussion we talk about how he went from being involved in a Youtube channel to covering presidential politics.

Render Time 01: Joey Clift

In the first episode of Render Time we talk with Joey Clift about how he got his start in comedy and suggestions for those who are or have recently moved to Los Angeles.